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View of Alaaly Restaurant for a balcony

Shirvan Hotel

We designed and installed the feature chandelier at Alaaly Restaurant one of the premier seafood dining establishments in Saudi Arabia, located in the Shirvan Hotel. This restaurant offers an immersive experience into local seafood traditions, preserving authentic flavours.


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Shirvan Hotels

Shirvan Hotels

Shirvan Hotels


Studio Noor

Studio Noor

Studio Noor

View of the chandelier Vight supplied
View of the chandelier Vight supplied
View of the chandelier Vight supplied

Blending Old With The New

The restaurant's design perfectly captures the luxury of authentic seafood through a blend of modern and traditional elements. Our feature chandelier above the seafood bar, inspired by fishing line and weights, provides even illumination and a striking contrast to the traditional lanterns in the dining area. This seamless integration of styles enhances the restaurant's unique ambience, blending the old with the new.

What did we supply?

The chandelier was designed to be visually striking from both the ground and the auditorium's balconies. With an overall length of 18 meters, it was supplied in three massive sections that were easily installed and seamlessly joined. 

  • Close up render of long tubulat chandelier
  • Render of full view of tubular chandelier
  • Render of underside view of long tubular chandelier
View of the chandelier while stood at the seafood bar

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